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Smile How to get 500+ lucci in bonus track

It doesn't matter where you start.Remember to push the up arrow just after 1.Go for the red lucci's first.I recommend you drive in a straight line from where you start to the opposite side.Try to get as many lucci coins as you can.I recommend you to use a good kart.Then once you have reached the opposite side, turn either left or right and start going around the outside of the track to gain as many luccis as possible.If time starts to run out, face to the centre of the circle to see if there are any red ones left, if there are, GO FOR THEM!!! Finally, if there are only about 2 seconds left, and see a couple of lucci coins in your sight, race towards them.Even though you may not get them in time after the time runs out, if it's timeout and you run through a lucci coin, it will still be added to your total.

My best:760 lucci
My lowest:280

You should get over 500 lucci if you are good.


oh yeah in popkart there is bonus track available since it's chinese new year

happy chinese new year!
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