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Default KartRider Gloves

[This hasn't been updated in forever, so the most recent gloves (stars) are not in. -2/21/10-]

You can post this anywhere you like but please give credit to KartExtreme and the credits in whom I have given it too.

  • Changed Glove Format due to a Request
  • Star gloves added! Thanks again Ebits!
First of all, a simple "thanks" would be nice, so leave a message please !

Okay, after spending countless hours trying to find the gloves from a website, I found them at However, you need permission and blahblahblah who knows what so I decided to do it myself. And thanks Ebits21 for providing me the pictures . So here are the gloves, all of them!:

Note: If you are looking for licenses, it is near the bottom.

[Stuff you should consider]
  • This is not a RP List. Please don't get confused. The RP List is here.
That is all.

  • Right click the picture.
  • Click on Properties.
  • There should be a URL (address) there. Copy it.
  • Basically, your done. However, if you would like to post it on a forum, do [img]link[/img]. It will show up.






Yellow Star

Green Star

Blue Star

Red Star

Black Star

Rainbow Star

For an odd reason, some of the images for the gloves have disappeared. (03/21/09)


(Thanks Okiesmokie, I'll host it on imageshack later when I have time)


Thank you Ebits21 for sending me the zip file.

And me (Elmo), for hosting them and copy and pasting which takes mad skills .

Okiesmokie thanks for the L1 license.
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