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OoTin 03-05-2008 02:48 PM

I did everything you said, I press the green circle but this pop up show up. Can you help me out. Thx.

I believed it say "Invalid Password"? or "Invalid ID"? My birthday is October 5, 1993. If you can, can you make into id.


Ebits21 03-05-2008 03:34 PM

I think it says invalid real name (based on jiangy's pictures)... The real name field must be chinese so just copy some chinese text from the page and put it in (this isn't your username).

xuqiulei 03-08-2008 06:45 AM

i can give you a chinese name and id
its mine

Profever 03-09-2008 05:44 AM

use the ID generator to get a Chinese ID number.


HikariMisako 03-10-2008 01:25 PM

you should note that the registration name has to be lowercase, it didnt work for me in upper case or, with some capitals.

SilverMane 03-19-2008 04:02 PM

i need help on downloading there are two options when i click down load. which option should i go with?

Flak 03-20-2008 12:43 PM

Thank you so much for this!

edyk3 03-20-2008 07:24 PM

it just closes
Thanks i got through the reg but when i start and put in un &pw click on server and login it just closes.:no:

OoTin 03-22-2008 03:22 PM

I found out a Popkart Registration Guide on youtube.


uniqueen1508 03-22-2008 06:52 PM

i got this : 身份证号码格式不正确 [点击返回] what does it mean?

jufu22 03-24-2008 05:08 AM

PLZ help me make and account for me plis
Hi im trying to make an account i tryed for almost 4 hours!!!:argh:!
and i cant i just get an error on page and it says something in chinese and when i click it it takes me back to the register page that takes an hour to load. So can you make me an account? plis or you can give me a password for an account you know or something someone help me plz you can call the account jufu22 or nessle you can email me at Yair-73@hotmail.com or here i dont care if someone knows my kartRider password i just really really want 1 to play. thanks

NoodleCup 03-24-2008 05:19 AM

Ever tried ... using internet explorer ?

jufu22 03-24-2008 05:29 AM

plz help
i am using internet explorer! and also im trying to use mozilla firefox but it just dont work can you make an account really quick for me plzzpzlzlpzlpz plis!

xxPlaykkrxx 03-27-2008 05:22 PM

i cant read it .
all square square
what should i do?

Antoshi 04-23-2008 10:02 AM


Originally Posted by uniqueen1508 (Post 19802)

It means the nickname you're trying to sign up with is already taken... If you haven't found out already. >_>

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