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Flameking 06-22-2007 01:23 AM

[Tracks] Zoomtown
Here are the Tracks for the Zoomtown Location


Name: Speedway
Difficulty: Rookie

Name: Rivera Rift
Difficulty: Rookie

Name: Arch Enemies
Difficulty: Rookie

Name: (Unknown)
Difficulty: Rookie

Name: (Unknown)
Difficulty: Rookie

Name: (Unknown)
Difficulty: L3

Name: (Unknown)
Difficulty: L3

Name: (Unknown)
Difficulty: L3

Name: (Unknown)
Difficulty: L2

Name: (Unknown)
Difficulty: L2

drbazzi 07-13-2007 05:11 PM

New track theme released in Korean KR called Moonhill--similar to Zoomtown but more urban-ish and takes place during nighttime...dunno if it's in any of the other KR versions

Surreal 07-13-2007 07:48 PM

No, just korean version as of now.

Garry 10-01-2007 01:42 AM

Zoom Town
:shock: Zoom Town is one of my Favorite Maps! :o

Vitrify 10-01-2007 07:42 PM

Haha I'm gonna end up playing Arch Enemies all day cause I suck too much for anything else

Garry 10-02-2007 01:06 AM

Kart Rider.
Haha. Just can't wait for 1 more day.

Jaguar 10-02-2007 05:58 AM

There's another zoom town map in popkart that looks like the Great Wall of China.

TucanSpam 10-02-2007 10:10 AM

are all these maps coming out at once? if so then thats nuts, i cant wait:D

Born 10-02-2007 02:14 PM

I personally don't care for some of these zoomtown tracks.

But that one with all the hairpins looks pretty interesting. And the one 3rd to the bottom. :]

EmiT 10-06-2007 03:27 AM

Re: [Tracks] Zoomtown

Originally Posted by DaFlameking

First map, favorite, start from mid top proceed left to right then down and basically drift around the corners. L3 and above. Two shortcuts. The bottom circle and the rectangular shape on the left are not used. Lots of people give up and bump each other here.

Zoomtown, basic rookie map :P

Item map starts from left goes up then right and so forth. Not much to explain except sharp corner turns.

Classic racetrack, usually items. Most boring map :X

L3 and above map, difficulty isn't too bad, Starts at the bottom before the big Circle. From right to left, theres quite abit of short cuts at the bottom right where you are required to boost on ramps over boxes. Very sharp turns.

L2 map, not much difficulty very straight forward. Only difficulty is when the map is played in reverse mode.

L3 map, not really hard, short cut on the narrow line. Starts off at left side middle just past the shortcut and proceeds up. The ramp is a must beware, if you slow down there, you will not make it pass the houses below and get restarted a fair distance back.

Garry 10-08-2007 12:31 AM

The first map shown, kinda looks like the rocker sign. Thats awesome. ROCK ON! 8)

Pride 10-08-2007 01:10 AM

3rd from the bottom looks really fun, interesting scenery, underground like those action movies with car chases in underground parking lots xD

Lolegasm 10-08-2007 07:00 AM

Yeah, I'm also liking the look of the map 3rd from the bottom. I can't wait until it's released :D

Driving underground sounds fun.

Okiesmokie 10-09-2007 10:06 PM

Re: [Tracks] Zoomtown

Originally Posted by EmiT
L2 map, not much difficulty very straight forward. Only difficulty is when the map is played in reverse mode.

The only L2 village map is Reverse City. Regular City is L3.

Flameking 10-23-2007 08:57 AM

there maps announced and released for zoomtown in total as of now. only 4 left and they all look fun to drive on

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