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Nova 05-27-2016 01:04 AM

Friday Night Light 5-27-2016

Speed = Gold-Nova(37) ; Silver-Keng(35) ; Bronze-Slick(27)
Item = Gold-Nova(32) ; Silver-Slick(28)

Introduction :vroom:
Well, it's Friday & it's time to test the abilities of those ready for competition or fun. Nearly two weeks ago, Keng & 8DonQuixote8 won the first official KartExtreme Speed & Item tourneys - respectively - but there is definitely room for new champions! Friday Night Lights will attempt to create new champions every week, reward those who grind them out with their own rankings on the official Grand Prix page, & be a practice ground for players looking to retain their skills throughout the year. Starting today, the FNL competition will begin. Be there or miss out on a free date of fun. Good luck all ~ :thumb:

Tournament Objectives
-Welcome any newcomers to Kart Rider / KartExtreme
-Create a fun & competitive tournament scene of some sort
-Have fun !

First Come, First Serve
In the case of an unequal amount of entries in comparison to room sizes, preliminaries will be held to determine those that will make it. The people who signed up earlier will be safe, while the latest entrants will be sent to the chopping block.
Example: 9 entrants enter for a tourney. The last two would play a Bo3 preliminary match to determine who will make it into the tournament.

Layout + Rules
-9 P.M. ~ 11 P.M. EST every Friday
-Server: Korean
-Speed: S1 (otherwise known as Very Slow)
-Modes: Single Item & Single Speed (Infinite N2O)
-Karts: ONLY Practice Kart PROs are allowed for use (a.k.a. the practice kart every account is given for entering the game.
-Maps: All maps are allowed for use. Random tracks (League, All Random, Hard Random, etc.) count as one track.
-The first map for each match will be Village Freeway for Speed & Village Canal for Item. The loser will pick the next map. If the last place person(s) retired, the last place finisher will choose the map.
-Last place finishers choose maps. No person can choose a map twice, so the closest last place finisher who has not chosen a map yet will choose.
-No map can be played twice within a single match. The practice maps - Freeway & Canal - are not counted during the practice race, technically making them available for use twice within a match.
-Each player gets two Map Vetoes, which essentially allows racers to pass a map they don't like.
-No additions besides your kart & glasses are allowed to be used for Item mode. All accessories are allowed to be worn for Speed BESIDES BALLOONS. Balloons are banned because they can be annoying to some players for blocking their sight.
-If somebody disconnects from the match, the match will be replayed & they will have 5 minutes to rejoin. If there is any indication that somebody has DC'd on purpose, then they will be punished with either a strike or disqualification.
-ABSOLUTELY NO HACKING OR BLOCKING! Hacking = auto disqualification, but you should already know this.

Point System

-First to 30 points wins. (4 ~ 7 races)

-In the case of multiple rooms, the regular point tally system is only applied for the final eight (last room). The other rounds/rooms will give a set amount of points.
Ex.: 4 rooms of 8 = 32 racers & 3 rounds of elimination (Rounds 1 ~ 3 in the Loser's Group Stages) Each round of elimination would doll out points.
Round 1=1 point
Round 2=2 points
Round 3=3 points
-Another case in terms of multiple rooms is a double elimination format. The top four will advance through a winner's group, while the bottom four will advance through the losers. The 4 winners of the winners group will meet the 4 winners of the losers group in the final room.

Sign-Up Card

Name: [You can put your forum name here, or whatever you're most known by]
Tournament(s): [Place Item, Speed, or Both depending on which tournament you'd like to enter]
Message To Racers: [Just a fun message to your fellow friends/competitiors]

Blank for copy/pasting
Message To Racers:

All questions for this FNL should be directed to this thread or my PMs. All questions about other FNLs should be directed towards the general thread.

Speed - 9:00 PM EST [Infinite N2O]

1. Nova: Victory!

2. IamLostHere: Who's your daddy!?

3. 8DonQuixote8: Mandu, I am your father.

4. Keng: ?

5. KarmaSlick: I'm in it, to win it!

Item - 10:00 PM EST [S1]

1. Nova: Victory!

2. IamLostHere: Who's your daddy!?

3. 8DonQuixote8: Mandu, I am your father.

4. KarmaSlick: I'm in it, to win it!

Thank you !

KarmaSlick 05-27-2016 01:20 AM

KarmaSlick here: I'm in it, to win it!

Nova 05-27-2016 10:03 AM

Thanks bro ~ Good luck tonight !

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