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Mandu` 04-27-2016 01:25 PM

[KART] Cotton Collection
I'm getting there.. Just randomly got the Cotton Z7 XE yesterday with Solid Z7 LE :clap:.


Nova 04-27-2016 03:38 PM

Nice . Good luck with the rest ~

Mandu` 04-27-2016 04:38 PM

Thanks Nova! Hey when I check you profile it's always the 박스터?, you don't have any other karts? Or do you only use that kart?

Nova 04-27-2016 04:55 PM

Yeah, on USAlNova I mainly use the boxter haha !~ Sometimes the crab vehicle thing too ~

Mandu` 04-27-2016 05:02 PM

Oh what's your other account? :o

tjdans7236 04-27-2016 05:49 PM

Nice collection!

A1Rice 04-27-2016 05:51 PM

Nova doesn't need any other karts. Wrecks races w/ boxter just fine.

btw Mandu, this is 절현

Mandu` 04-27-2016 06:02 PM

@tjdans7236: Thanks bro!

@A1Rice: WHAT!? What's up man? Didn't know that was your bro.

Nova 04-28-2016 03:27 AM

@Mandu`: I'll add you ~

@A1Rice: :vroom::vroom::vroom:

Mandu` 04-28-2016 01:08 PM

Nova I forgot your 2nd account name. What's the name again?

Nova 04-28-2016 06:19 PM

I messaged you ~

KoMx889 05-01-2016 05:46 AM

korean server?i dont play on that server anymore

오키스모키 05-18-2016 11:23 PM

You need the best Cotton kart of all time, Mandu.


Mandu` 05-19-2016 02:47 AM

Hey Okies I got that on my 2nd account haha. We should play together with that kart.

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