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Moofey 11-20-2007 01:30 PM

Thanksgiving Event

DriftForRamen 11-20-2007 01:39 PM

i want 1... o.O cant login yet, TORTURE!! this makes nota bad patch i geuss

mattiskewl 11-20-2007 01:40 PM

o.0.....great another wand

DriftForRamen 11-20-2007 01:41 PM

its says +10 lucci foo o.O de pumkin sucked. turkey FTW

Dount Cooku 11-20-2007 01:43 PM

Great, now I can have a little snack while I race. :roll:

DriftForRamen 11-20-2007 01:51 PM

the damn patch got extended twice now. dammmmm turkey... *drool* 11:30... thas... uh 8:30 my time =P

Sheep 11-20-2007 01:51 PM

Can anyone log on? edit: Oh.

XxLxX 11-20-2007 05:37 PM

tht baton is hot like solid E2. gonna make me eat it like last baton tht onli lasted 1 day since i ate it! but good thing itz turkey. i dun like turkey. like it cold. ^_^

Jaguar 11-20-2007 06:35 PM

lol @ phailed attempt for bonus >.>

Sheep 11-20-2007 06:38 PM

Hahahha, im rofling at that too. Nexon America is full of fucking retards, LOL. I wonder if they will give us a fix or something for compensation.

Garry 11-20-2007 11:37 PM

Turkey Event
More Lucci. Nothing to spend on.

Sheep 11-20-2007 11:47 PM

Garry, its not more lucci. The bonus doesnt work because nexon is retarded,lol.

Garry 11-20-2007 11:49 PM

Lucci or No Lucci
If it gave Lucci, I wouldn't spend it on anything because I have about 40k...
If it didn't give Lucci, who cares! :lol:
Works both ways.

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