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abc123 03-25-2008 05:33 AM

Beginner quests guide
Quest 1
Go to the tutorial screen complete all the tests of both licences.Should be quite simple.
Reward 500 lucci

Quest 2
Go to multiplayer and press one of these buttons at the top:"single item race" "team item race" "single speed race" and "team item race". After pressing one of those just race and the quest is done.
Reward 500 lucci

Quest 3
Click the gift box icon in the bottom of your screen and press "accept" next to the white glove item.
Reward 500 lucci

Quest 4
Press the garage button in the bottom of your screen and go trough all sections: "character" "kart" "wear item" "kart mods" and "item, etc".
Reward 500 lucci

Quest 5
Go to the shop in the bottom of your screen and buy anything by selecting it and pressing "buy".In PK it is recommended to buy a different default colour if you are new and don't want to buy a character.
Reward 1500 lucci

Quest 6
Go to multiplayer. On the top left of your screen there are 2 buttons - "novice" and "rookie", just choose the "rookie" and race once.If you just raced in rookie, go to novice and race.If the quest still doesn't finish, race in rookie again.
Reward 500 lucci

Quest 7
Go to muliplayer and select "create room " in the top of your screen. make the settings how you want them and race once.It sometimes may take a while for people to come into your room.
Reward 500 lucci

Quest 8
Race once in any mode, just don't retire.
Reward NAKR 500 lucci PK and KKR Mos

Quest 9
Race once in single item or speed and be one of the first three to finish.
Reward NAKR 500 lucci PK and KKR Yellow paint

Quest 10
Go to the time attack mode, select a lvl and race. If there is already a ghost's file then beat that time, if not just finish.It is recommended to play a 1 difficulty or 50 lucci map if you are new.
Reward NAKR 500 lucci PK and KKR Character bonus card


Someone else made this guide and i changed it by correcting mistakes and adding the rewards.

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