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오키스모키 07-14-2012 06:39 PM

Brodie's Garage Items Guide
I translated some of them, I'll do more when I have some more time. The ones with the (?) beside them mean I'm not 100% sure what it means. I'm also not really sure what the transformation speed actually does. I assume it changes how long the SR+ takes to finish its transformation when boosting.


If you have a specific one you want translated, let me know and I'll do my best.

Ray Koopa 07-15-2012 05:35 AM

Your post is that awesome, I split it into this topic and stickied it :)

Mean 08-21-2012 10:35 PM

Can i know which set of 4 is the best for speed?

DaFlameking 08-21-2012 11:01 PM

The second steering wheel and tires.

Mean 08-22-2012 01:02 AM

Which one is the ''second'' ? what's the colour?

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