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tjdans7236 02-08-2016 08:48 PM

Luck-No-Luck 복불복 Grand Prix
Does anybody find it outrageous that they throw HT karts to some people and then have everybody run Village 운하 (Canal? Waterway?)? It's absolutely absurd!

Obviously, as the name of the grand prix suggests, luck should play a role, but sometimes, it's at a point where it's luck and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. They should at least give shitty New generation karts or have harder maps where more skill is required. Harder maps I think would even out the kart ability differences.

Ray Koopa 02-09-2016 08:20 AM

Well, it's luck based, it's RNG, and RNG can fuck you up, but then there are noobs which can still make you get 2nd place with a crap kart.

tjdans7236 02-09-2016 09:35 PM

What's RNG?

daxter10x 02-10-2016 08:15 AM

RNG stands for Random Number Generator (used in most games).

Ray Koopa 02-10-2016 12:24 PM

Yeah, it's a pretty dumb acronym IMHO xD Most people use it nowadays to describe the effects of chances based on randomness in a game.

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