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Ray Koopa
09-19-2016, 08:36 AM
Not like really I played KR in the last 3 years. Game's gone shit anyway.

I guess I'll virtually "leave" these forums since there's nothing interesting happening anymore.

- KKR / PK / whatever: Laggy as shit with my location :mad:
- NAKR: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :rofl:
- Private servers: Everyone prefers to bash them than play on them (also the fault of the server, but I told the creator it's gonna suck this way, he doesn't wanna listen :no:)

On top of that, the most interesting threads are the spammy ones created by bots and DFK obviously wants to delete them himself... once every second month he visits or so.

I also always only played item and never cared about speed, so not much happening in that direction either (most speed players just have enough after 1 race of being unable to shield themselves). Discussions about kart stats or if someone squeezed out another millisecond with an overpowered new kart never bothered me.

Anyway, see you around on the internet.

PS: I'd still automatedly reply to KKR account rental requests and update the IGN thread. Don't expect me to do more.

09-21-2016, 12:15 AM
KartRider will always be in your memories. Raj still doodles KR characters when he's bored and he hasn't touched the game in years.

If you're really leaving, I wish you well. For the past 2 weeks and continuing, I've been here 5-6 times a week and planning to keep it that way.

09-21-2016, 05:21 PM
Sad to hear, though not surprising at all. I'll miss you & all the others who've quit over the past; though I'll still aimlessly stay around, hoping for KartRider or something similar to come along to sweep us all back into the fray. It's demoralizing to know that Nexon straight up whiffed + lied about nearly everything concerning NAKR. For example, does anybody remember Nexon's boldface lie they told when people complained after it was taken down??? (https://maple-news.com/2008/07/28/north-american-kart-rider-gone-for-good/) Sickening.

Anyways, it's been an honor & the only reason I won't be joining you is because I have a never give up clause pounded into me from childhood animes & such. Oh well. Good luck on your next endeavors !~

Ray Koopa
09-21-2016, 05:30 PM
Well it wasn't gone, and they didn't give it up at the time they said it. It's really the oldest response you can smear in their faces, a little unfair to be honest.
Their plan was just to release it on mobile, because that was what they were told to focus on, seeing how mobile games became and still become more and more important in South Korea.
It failed on the American market, and it also failed on Facebook.

"We are Ready for KartRider" did not apply for the gaming market and just for as few weeners here.
A private server came too late with too many people already gone. Those who stayed get on well enough with the original Asian versions to not be bugged by the small hickups that server has (it's a great piece of work, though the initial start was kinda shitty with all that weird shop system, but the person working on it (yeap, 1) fixed it all to an enjoyable extent. Maybe the private server will get a second chance when Nexon finally shuts down the last shitbits of the existing, totally ruined KartRider versions.

I just find KartRider boring by now, having played Mario Kart 8 showed me how a modern item racer should look like. I probably had several 10000 races in KartRider distributed on all of the 8 official servers and the additional unofficial ones and collected 1 milion lucci 15 times before it got so pathetically inflated without spending real money on it. The only one I had hope in was Russian KartRider, but again, the gaming market did not agree with me there.

There's really nothing to do for me anymore.

09-21-2016, 06:10 PM
I agree with most of what you said. The reason I brought up that article was a little nit-picky, but it shows the integrity of the same company we hoped would release the game. The only smear intended was the fact that they knew how big the problem of leaving it unreleased would be, wrote that response putting confidence into people's hearts that it would come back, and then completely - whether they worked on it then & gave it up later or not - threw it away and refused to be transparent about the issue AT ALL. I've heard more rumors about failed projects with companies like Riot & Blizzard that have MUCH more to lose with that information coming out than Nexon, even after Kart Rider failed to impress in NA.

The place where Kart Rider stands today is strange tbh. On the one hand, it seems like all hope is lost on our side, but on the other side the Korean Nexon is still working to somehow bring KartRider into a new age of prosperity (http://heraldk.com/en/2015/09/03/kartrider-still-young-and-racing-full-throttle/), which is admittedly strange after all that has happened with them. They even had a KeG single speed tournament on top of the current Dual Race tourneys they're running. They also just had a Chinese one if I recall correctly, + the fanbases of some of the pros (MHJ, YYH, JDW, Taiwan's Neal, China's LT, PlayTheBazzi, etc.) are still intact.

I've always pitched that a new game would arise off of the ashes of KartRider. The simplicity of the game on the surface + the potential for complexity underneath that surface is what leads games to success. After seeing games like Mario Kart 8 blow up in it's initial period, there is definitely a sweet spot that will be found SOMEDAY where a company will create a racing game like Mario Kart, Kart Rider, etc. & make it last longer than the initial booms that seem to be the trend with these types of games. I still have not seen or envisioned the game, but like Steve Jobs said: A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.

And on the private servers, that's here nor there. I think if somebody creates a game based on the KartRider mechanics, it would be a better investment of time.

The only thing left for us all is to quit or aimlessly hope for a shooting star of luck.

Ray Koopa
09-21-2016, 06:29 PM
I'm not sure if Nexon Korea does a good job in keeping KartRider alive. The new content is blatantly annoying, the music just a loud screaming pile of trash together with the environmental noise; so are the tracks, overloaded with shit and obstacles, the characters not fitting into the toonish world and trying to be "uber cool". But maybe that's just a trend in S.K. or with the "new" generation I simply can't follow.

Nexon sure did not do a good job communicating with the American player base 8 years ago. But that was Nexon America. They are a horrible company, with horrible / no support, and are just there to collect money. Totally incomparable to Nexon Korea, somehow.
They could've at least said that they gave up on the PC client. "Further information will soon be given by us" kart.nexon.net said before it was simply removed from the IIS less than a year later. I think my photo manipulation stating "Further information will never be given by us" was not far off.

The problem with creating a whole new racing game is: Find someone having time in that and who is actually good in doing such things. I tried writing such a game, but the physics just never got appealing to me and others, which make the game a winner or just a waste of development time. So I quickly gave up on it, the little time I had was needed in other game or non-game projects more.
If you find a company for creating such a game, you better hope it's one caring more for their customers than Nexon America, though that shouldn't be hard. What is harder is to give a KartRider feel, and not lame shit like Kart'n'Crazy (which had similar crappy physics to my game, yet mine had even worse test and placeholder graphics ;P).

My even earlier attempt in hosting a KartRider PS myself had quickly been stopped by some Korean company since they were noticably touchier and offensive back then; I was too chatty and follow-up tries to just make it seem non-existant publically or let it look like a hoax so they'd lose interest were too late.

09-21-2016, 08:17 PM
Yeah. That Kart n Crazy analogy + the need to have a company that understands what they're doing is the #1 factor for why I haven't even been able to visualize what type of game it would even look like. All I know is that you are absolutely correct in it needing to have KartRider's feel because I'm sure EVERYBODY can agree that KartRider is probably the best option physics wise. All others are wayyy too stiff.

Anyways, I've been keeping track at the going-ons with companies like Riot, the now revamped Radiant Entertainment, and the new Bonfire Studios on what they may release. I've pitched the need to take advantage of this market & go beyond that by somehow trying to solidify that playerbase like LoL, CS:GO, etc. did too, but they are under contracts & cannot say much about projects they're working on. They all agree, from the vids I've sent them about KR, that the game is definitely dope. So, we'll see what happens in the coming years because someone is going to hit the jackpot, it just depends on who & when.

I truly hope it's sooner rather than later so we're not the "KartExtreme retirement home", & meeting back up like those "Back in my day!" people.

10-03-2016, 02:51 AM
Sad to hear you're leaving PacMani... It was very nice talking to you here. You'll be missed for sure.

I can completely understand why you're leaving. Kartrider is a good game, but over the last few years, Nexon has made wrong decision after wrong decision. It's in a quite shitty state right now. As for NAKR, only .00001% it's ever coming back.

I hope you'll make visits to the forum and the game once in a blue moon for the memories :)