View Full Version : Old/Returning Player, new to forums

04-04-2015, 05:48 AM
What's up everyone?
I'm a variety PC gamer from Los Angeles, California who's had a long history with Kartrider.

A little over 2 years back something happened to my KKR account so I took a break and I now have a new one. I'm pretty rusty, and don't really know much about the new KR interface.

It'd be cool anyone would like to help guide me around sometime and show me the new updates, and maybe show me how to get new karts ::thumb:
because I can't seem to find them in the shop anymore.

If anyone wants to hang out, you can add me on KKR, I'm "WildTangy".

Also, if you guys want to play some other games with me sometime, I play alot of: LoL, osu, CS:GO, Minecraft, and some Runescape.

Hope to see you guys around!

Edit: Also my Skype is "blizzardshiver", but if you add me then please message me saying you're from the kartextreme community, thanks.

04-10-2015, 02:15 AM
Welcome to KartExtreme!
Unfortunately, this forum isn't as active as it was back in its heyday, but I'd be glad to help you out with KKR!
Feel free to add me (I don't know Korean, but I know the menus through experience).