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This list is incomplete but the uploader was extremely busy at work...First time ever that he missed some videos but let's be happy he at least uploaded this much haha !!! NOTE: Notable players beside group name, analysis/spoilers under videos so watch out if you don't want to be surprised. Don't say I did not warn you. :clap:


Group 1:ANlPerfect(2-time champion/member of "Big Three"/defending champion)

Group 2:ANlBEAT(now Triple진형;known as a "legend of kart")/Team O3Spark...the ultimate team of underdogs

Group 3:MysTicReaz(a.k.a ANlShadow)[former partner of defending champion)

Group 4:Zowie호준o(Moon Ho-Jun/7-time champion/Emperor of Kart/Member of Big Three/youngest winner ever)

Group 5:Triple중대(popular stream @ afreeca.com/dhdtufdl2;twin brother of Triple중선) / Team KaiGen (Number One Guild in KKR by Guild Match Points)

Group 6:

Group 7:Triple대웅(arguably best non-champion player;1st Place in 17th League Grand Prix, he uses his girlfriend's account PlayTheMint frequently which is why the account is on front page of KKR as of the date of this thread;Member of the "Big Three"/known in KKR to make no mistakes while ahead which is why he is also know as the "Champion of Time Attack")/Triple중선 (twin brother of Triple중대/amazing time attacker as well)

Group 8:Ares감독(leader of AresSpirit;he was dq'ed for a reason that I have not yet found out) Only 3 groups play in this one


Group 1:ANlPerfect, ANlBEAT, O3Spark...O3 Fighting !

Group 2: Zowie호준o wants revenge for 1st Round loss

Group 3: Can Triple중대 show his brother what it takes to make the semi-finals ?

Group 4: Hack- Triple대웅/ Triple중선 looking to prove time attack trumps all

Semi-Finals Part 1

Group 1: Moon Ho-Jun(Zowie호준o) vs. His eternal Rival Yuyoungheok(ANlPerfect)...but does O3Spark have a chance ?

Group 2: Team Hack showed it is powerful...but can they beat 원투펀치-Freesia가이o(joined MysTic guild during last round I believe)/lRlaCing동민

Semi-Finals Part 1

Group 1:Well, Group 2 is missing for now but can MHJ fight off the Ozone Gaming trio, or will he & Triple명주 fall under the pressure.


Match:Team Hack is alone against a three-headed monster. Will JeonDaeWoong(Triple대웅) win his long awaited championship trophy , or will he succumb to the immense pressure bestowed upon him ?
Part 1:
Part 2:

Notable Happenings:
Trade A, O3 Spark exceed expectations
Yellow Players slump hard
Ozone Gaming annihilates competition
Emperor MHJ (Zowie호준o) has not missed finals since the 3rd League
Emperor MHJ joins Team StarTale of SC2, expecting to become a Starcraft champion and compete in KartRider tournaments as well


1:O3Xenon played well but ANlPerfect looked like the map choices for the 17th League were shaking his usual dominance.
O3Xenon-69, Sense-49, Ares Neo-39, Ares 꼬마-21

2:O3Spark played extremely better than expected... even defeating 핫이슈 who barely made it to Round 2.
O3Spark-61, 핫이슈-54, Ares Force-49, Booster-11

3:O3ONDA gets smashed with MysTicReaz/ANlShadow only picking up 17 singular points. This is one of the only times, if not the only, that a yellow rider/team never made it to Round 2. Not Much to say about his partner seeing as he collected 16 points which was the least amount only to Shadow. Major disappointment.
Ares 스타-62, BOSS-47, 홀리데이-38, O3ONDA-33

4:Trade A was the second dark horse of the tournament only winning one match on Downhill Snow Mountain but never letting the two fall below 5th place the entire round. MHJ fell below expectations most likely due to map choice, coming 6th on Mine 3 Shortcuts, 4th on the Village Car map, and even 8th on Downhill Snow Mountain. The other two groups were nowhere near them [Ares=35, AoxTeam=27 compared to MHJ's 56] but watch MHJ after the round as he looks like he knows what the future holds for him.
Trade A-63, 세일러문-56, 아레스-35, AoxTeam-27

5:Oh no...a wild O3 team appears! I bet you're wondering what they are feeding the teammates over at their team house, but don't raise your hopes up too high for this team. They barely got cut from making Round 2 and their only great showing was by team member ANlONE who pulled off 1st twice in a row on WKC Brazilian Circuit and Village Namsan in the last two races of the round. Best BJ played very "average" per se, only winning the round by 3 points to KaiGen, despite being finalists in the 16th League. Triple중대 may have to stream less in order to pull off the wins against this new wave of competition by less popular players and prove he is better than his twin brother.
Best BJ-61, KaiGen-58, O3Strike-54, 쌍수-43

6:O3RG...an extremely powerful team with its leader, MysTic성제/ANlHunTer, being one of the 16th League finalists. He rejoined MysTic but is still sponsored by Ozone Gaming which also seemed to sponsor his partner, MysTic려리, as well. They have both been consistent in tournament results, and are one of the only teams with both teammates being former league finalists. But the stars of this group were none other than 원투펀치-Freesia가이o/lRlaCing동민 , winning 3/5 races and stacking up 62 points to O3RG's 52. Both qualified for Round 2 easily, and definetly looked able to keep up with the other qualifiers...but everyone left the match noticing how measly yet another Yellow team looked in comparison to it's lesser colors.
원투펀치-62, O3RG-51, 형제-39, 올웨Pink-26

7:THE RETURN OF JDW (Triple대웅) IS HERE!!! After skipping the 16th league he makes his return to this newly crafted tournament structure of 2v2v2v2 with the help of Triple중선, one of the best KartRider players of all time, and the older twin brother of Triple중대. The return of JDW was not exceptionally spectacular, but definitely very entertaining. JDW only placed 1st once on the long Golden Civilization Threat map, but never fell below 3rd place. Triple중선 looked weak but still totaled 27 points to JDW's 35 to qualify Team Hack by 16 points over the 2nd place Ares S.F.!! The return of the missing "Big Three" member was complete, and his eyes were set on the Grand Finals trophy.
Hack-62, Ares S.F.-46, 제닉스-36, 미스틱-31

8:With a whopping 9 AresSpirit guild teams, you would expect its leader to be a "Kart God" of some sort. We never got to see this league due to Ares감독 being disqualified for a reason hidden to my knowledge. This marked the 2nd time a match missed a team from its roster. The other was during the 2nd Round in the 16th League where MysTic성제/AnHunTer's team annihilated his future teammate's, MysTic려리, team with the help of ANlBEAT. 올웨Ace-AlwayS개창o/AlwayS큐넷o cruised to victory, showing that one of JDW's former guilds still has strength without him.
올웨Ace-71, 딸기라떼-63, 프리지아-60

1: This round was basically AN-Gaming/O3 vs. TriplePerfect, arguably the best pro teams in all of KartRider. It ended with a clear victor though. AN-Gaming's ace, YYH[ANlPerfect] led his team to a second place finish but ended the round in 1st by single points with 31, followed by ANlBlackStar & ANlUnique [Team O3Spark] with both stealing 30 points each to win the round by a 13-point margin. ANlBEAT fell to his knees after placing 1st in the first race of the round on Village Namsan. It seemed as if his team HotIssue [핫이슈] could pull off a victory ahead of the legendary O3Xenon due to ANlVicTory's continued failures [never placed above 4th the entire round], but they fell short due to teammate Triple선민 tying ANlVicTory's singular score. Sense only managed to pull off a measly 34 points, giving the win over to AN-Gaming. O3Spark stomped this round, which was definitely the hardest group. Was this a victory of luck, or did this spark a new revolution of younger players defeating their upperclassmen.
O3Spark-60, O3Xenon-47, 핫이슈-41, Sense-32

2: MHJ returned with a new fire in his eyes. After his team lost to Trade A in the 1st Round he wanted nothing more than to beat them in this round, and enter the semi-finals with a clear head. He did this and more, totaling a whopping 72 team points and 40 single points. Trade A did not leave with nothing though, seeing as MysTic대성 defeated MHJ in single points with 41. Coming 1st three times in 1 round was amazing but a 6th place finish in the 4th race had many wondering if the Emperor could claim the throne without worry in the new duo format.
O3RG-63, 원투펀치-57, Best BJ-54, KaiGen-38

3: Another solid group consisting of a twin bro [Triple중대], O3RG, representatives of the best guild in KartRider by Guild Points [KaiGen], and another dark horse [원투펀치-Freesia가이o/lRlaCing동민]. The strength of the dark horse team failed in this round like it did to Trade A to gather enough points to grab 1st. O3RG attacked the other teams right off the bat claiming 1st & 2nd on Cracked Iceberg, the beginning race of the round, and watching yet another Yellow team fall close to the depths of elimination. 원투펀치 defeated the super popular Best BJ by a non-convincing 3 points [57-54] to qualify for Part 1 of the semi-finals. It was a hard loss for Best BJ, especially considering they took 1st[Triple중대] & 2nd place [Triple민수] on Pirate Treasure map after having a very mediocre showing [Triple중대=32/Triple민수=22] with an unexpected retire [Triple민수] ! Streaming may bring a lot of gifts for the younger twin bro, but it looked as if some of that time should have been spent practicing.
세일러문-72, Trade A-64, 스타-52, BOSS-26

4: JDW and the older twin bro return to prove again why they will win the 17th League. While gaining 39-30 points, respectively, put them over the top of the other teams, they looked weak considering that this was arguably the weakest group, compared to the others, by a longshot. Ares S.F. also did well, pulling off a 1st and 2nd on Village Namsan to JDW's 3rd and Triple중선's 4th. They played strong, but Team Hack needs an extra boost if they were considering a championship run.
Hack-69, S.F.[they left AresSpirit]-56, 딸기라떼-45, 올웨ACE-44

Semi-Finals Part 1

1: A very satisfying day for MHJ as he defeated his rival ANlPerfect by 4 singular points and 11 team points. 세일러문 grabbed first which gives them a considerable boost ahead of the other teams in Part 2 of the semi-finals. MHJ finished 1st 2/5 races with one of them being his 8th place finish in Round 1...Downhill Snow Mountain. YYH [ANlPerfect] slacked this round, not even being able to pick off a win like he consistently does in every round he participates in. Their team, O3Xenon, tied with the continued over-performing revolution of O3Spark for a record of 4 races needed to break the tie. The last time there was a tie was in the 16th League where O3RG defeated Best BJ for 2nd place overall, leaving Best BJ with a 3rd place overall finish. The winner of the last tiebreaker match was YYH himself, but his performance was very ungodly this round. Trade A never lived up to it's new-found hype of defeating MHJ's team in Round 1, finishing 4th with only 46 points. MysTic대성 did amazingly well however, yet again, gaining 28 singular points, only losing to MHJ's 33, Triple명주 's-31, and YYH's-29.
세일러문-64, O3Xenon-53(1), O3Spark-53(2), Trade A-46

2: This was JDW's worst round yet, coming 2nd with 60 points. He still managed to tie for first with ANlHunTer in singular points, with 2 1st place finishes on Golden Civilization Threat & Cracked Iceberg. Pretty good for a worst performance, and definitely enough to defeat the 3rd Place O3RG. O3RG member ANlHunTer grabbed 35 singular points and 3 1st place finishes, but was held down by his partner, MysTic려리, who only had 23 singular points and never passed 4th place besindes a 2nd place finish on Village Namsan. The true stars of this round were neither of the talked about teams as 원투펀치 rammed its way to first with only 1 first place finish by Freesia가이o(now in MysTic guild). The harsh reality of the day came from the results of Triple중선 who barely defeated MysTic려리's singular score with 25. Team Hack looked weak, but it did not stop them from grabbing 2nd ahead of the strong O3RG.
원투펀치-63, Hack-60, O3RG-58, S.F.-33

Semi-Finals Part 2

1: This round consisted of teams racing from their designated points, based off of their last round results, to 120 points. O3Xenon came out looking for revenge against the Emperor himself...and they got it...by a whopping 33 points!!! YYH looked as if this was his final chance to prove that he was better than MHJ. With O3RG here, it would be extremely hard to qualify for the Grand Finals unless he played by his ID [ANlPerfect]. He gained a massive 71 singular points, joined in unison by ANlVicTory, easily the most charismatic KartRider progamer who lived by his ID as well. They both gave the fans an unexpected ending by doing MUCH better than the previous loss to MHJ. ANlVicTory placed 3rd in singular points, defeating MHJ by 4 points, and losing only to O3RG's savior...ANlHunTer by a whopping 18 points. Coming 1st 3/12 races, HunTer lead O3RG to a 2nd place finish by over 15 points to the 3rd place team...wait for it...wait for it...S.F ! MHJ looked as if his SCII ambitions overtook his child prodigy KartRider intuition, as he lead his teammate, Triple명주, by 2 singular points [47-45]. This marked KartRider history, as a new moon has seemed to appear, with both O3 team qualifying for the 4-team Grand Finals, and MHJ falling from grace again [He & his former partner from the 16th League, Eos신하늘o, finished 4th in the last finals]. With the fall of a kingdom, comes the birth of a new one. That new one's tenants bear the O3 mark of victory on their collars.
O3Xenon-160, O3RG-147, 세일러문-132, S.F.-130

2: O3Spark is the ultimate dark horse of this league. None of its members have ever been able to make it to the finals, with ANlBlackStar finishing 3rd in the 1st Round of the 16th League with a measly 36 points, and ANlUnique with former partner ANlVicTory getting far but not mustering enough strength to push themselves to the finals. BlackStar's loss was to none other than the seven-time Emperor himself. But again, they left their past behind them as they rushed through the first 5 races, leaving the 2nd place Hack in the dust by 20 points. After the 5th race though, the tables turned in the favor of the almighty team Hack. O3 pulled off 1st 4/5 of the first five races but could not get another win the remainder of the series. Hack came back from a 20-point deficit to gain 79 points and the win over O3Spark by 7 points overall. The round of dark horses was a proving ground for 원투펀치, Trade A on which they failed to overpower the beast of Hack. JDW did very well [60] but the MVP of this group was definitely his partner in crime, Triple중선, who waltzed over the opposition with 1st place in singular points with 66. The entire finals will be all O3, besides Hack, which shows the strength of the new kingdom.
Hack-161, O3Spark-151, Trade A-129, 원투펀치-128

Grand Finals!

O3 vs. TriplePerfect's ace duo...seemed exciting until the races began. The only thing Hack seemed to get right was their screaming fans every time either of the two took the lead or made a serious play. AN-Gaming/O3 did exceptionally well taking 1st, 2nd , AND 3rd overall, leaving barely any leftovers for Hack. After O3Xenon stole the 1st place position, owned by O3Spark, after the 2nd Race, they never gave it back. YYH [ANlPerfect] came 1st only 1/12 races, but still managed to win in singular points-by 11 to ANlUnique-with 68. Winning YYH's 2nd Grand Final in a row and 3rd overall did not come easy though. The dark horse of the tournament, O3Spark, acted as if they were not playing against the great power of O3RG & Hack and kept their blinders on the entire series. The blinders lead them straight into O3Xenon as they clashed for 1st in the few remaining races. O3RG did not disappoint either, picking up 3rd by 6 points over Hack. JDW was the biggest disappointment, gaining the least amount in singular points and never getting a 1st place finish. He still made no reactions that indicated he was angry at all. It seemed as if he either knew he expected too much of himself or he flat out knew he was beat before they began. I saw him in GM multiple times and while he raced well it seemed as if he was off of his game. YYH stuck himself in KartRider history, straight behind MHJ in number of tournaments won with 3. AN-Gaming/Ozone Gaming also became the first guild/pro team to rank all of its members in the top 3 spots of a league.
O3Xenon-121, O3Spark-113, O3RG-102, Hack-96

This league was extremely exciting, but over all was one with tons of slumps and even more surprises. JDW made a promising return but failed to complete his goal of winning a championship. ANlHunTer becomes one of two [YYH included] to make the 16th League and the 17th League finals, and showed his true strength with consistent results throughout the entire tournament. Dark horses ruled the tournament up to the finals with O3Spark leading the others [원투펀치, Trade A]. Slumps were definitely prevalent with MHJ leading them all [Best BJ(Triple중대), O3ONDA, 핫이슈(ANlBEAT), Triple명주 ]. ANlPerfect[YYH] created amazing synergy with his opposite self, the charismatic Bakinjae [ANlVicTory] to claim a consecutive victory, putting the rumours to rest that he was not better than MHJ (these rumours still exist however). The only question that lies for me is how hard MHJ will play for the 18th League GP, which is mandatory for all none finalists to qualify, with his new ambitions and new home at StarTale team house. :sweat:

Good luck and have fun all :sleep:.

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