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Forum Rules and Regulations - Updated

Flaming is a form of verbal attacks which can include, but is not limited to: sexual, discriminatory, racist, or bigoted comments. Instead of using foul language or comments, explain your own position on the topic without focusing your post against the user in which you have deemed worthy of such a negative comment. It is unwanted in this community! Keep such comments to yourself as it forms a very disruptive situation within the community otherwise. Insulting their lifestyles, their family, and other things may also merit you such a warning. Be respectful to one another, and of each others' cultures/background. If you have an opposing view of the particular topic or situation, please post in a constructive manner!
This is a diverse community. We have different opinions on things, and do not always think alike (redundant much?), so please be respectful of each other. Do not try to impose your beliefs on others. Do not be disrespectful of each others' religions and traditions. If someone flames you, do not flame them back. Just report their posts and we will deal with it.

Generally, spam is any 1-3 word reply. Replying to a thread just to say "lol", "i agree/disagree", "quoted for truth", and any such similar responses is considered spam. In addition, if you notice that people have said the same things over and over, do not follow suit. Do not quote them and say "I agree/Quoted for truth". If you feel the same way as the posters before you, explain why or just don't post at all. Your posts should require some bit of effort. If you agree/disagree with a post, please explain why/elaborate on your opinion. You have already put in the time to read the post, supposedly, so it won't hurt you to put a little more effort and explain why you feel the way that you do.
Furthermore, if someone has made an inappropriate thread/post, please just report them. If people have already pointed out that the thread is in the wrong section, or something similar to that, then please do not continue to post the same thing. If it's a repeated thread/topic, please just link them to the thread that already exists. There does not need to be 3+ posts just to tell the poster that they made an error.
Responding to a thread to post an almost insignificant slightly on-topic post is also considered spam.
Off-topic conversations or off-topic short messages to another person in a thread is also considered spam. If you need to talk to someone, PM them.

Double Posting
You already know by now, double posting is not allowed, so don't do it please. Two+ consecutive posts made by you would be considered double posting, even if the content in the posts are different. Wait for someone to respond to the thread first, or simply edit your own post. Do not make 2+ consecutive posts.

Objectionable Material
No Rated R material allowed, you will get a one way ban. I don't care if someone hacked you or something like that, it's not my problem, no adult content [period].

Advertising and Referral Links
Please do not advertise any site without prior approval from Kart Extreme. You are allowed to advertise in profiles and links all-depending on the site cause. If you're posting like vulgar, gory, or any R rated material, don't. Also, keep the advertising minimum in posts.

Picking/pointing out other user
Do not pick on other members or point out their names in your posts. Example can be saying that they are retards, or that they suck, or that they hack. You can, however, say their names when directing a post towards them.

Disrespect of Staff
Do not be rude or disrespectful to mods, nor make fun of them, simply because they have been doing their jobs. This forum is rampant with a select group of rule-breakers. Simply because you an incapable of understanding the rules does not give you the right to complain and make fun of those who uphold them. This includes mentioning a mod's name to put them down or joke about how they mod to others.

Ignorance of the rules is not an excusable reason for breaking the rules.
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